Category Topics

General 🎉

A hangout for sharing different ideas, memes, and other topics regarding the BakeryDAO…

BakeryDAO 🥐

All things about the BakeryDAO ► Topics are “locked” through the BakeryDAO community NFT lock. ヽ(° ͜>°)ノ

Governance 👨‍⚖️

This category is for members to share their progress with the community! We suggest creating a single topic/thread per grant that can be used as a way to keep track of the history of the project!

Creators 🎨

The BakeryDAO was built for creators! Have an idea of how you, as a creator can leverage the protocol? Want to discuss how we could improve the integrations on your applications… Come tell us here!

Developers 👨‍💻

All your questions about creating with The Bakery, integrating a BakeryDAO NFT, building on top of the BakeryDAO, and questions about our apps (Discourse, Discord, Wordpress etc…).

DeFi 🐸

The number one place for discussion focused on news in decentralized finance.